The Internet search engine giant Google has set the standard in many areas.  The Google program AdWords is a pay-per-click program, but it has become so popular, it is being described under its own heading.



The most used pay-per-click program on the Internet is Google AdWords.  In AdWords, you buy advertising space based on the keywords you have purchased.  After buying the keyword, your advertisement will show up on the results pages whenever a customer searches using the keyword you purchased.   Your ad will normally show up as a sponsored link on the top of the page or along the side of the results listings.


AdWords uses technology called contextual advertising to place your ad on the same Internet page that contains content relative to your keyword.  So where does AdSense enter the picture?


AdSense is directly related to AdWords.  The AdSense program will add those contextual advertisements on your site after selling the ads to the appropriate advertisers.  The program also tracks the pay-per-clicks and remits the appropriate amount of money to the website owner.


AdSense has two parts.  AdSense for Content is the program that places the contextual advertisements on your website.  AdSense for Search lets you add Google search.  Both programs will generate advertising revenue.  AdSense for Content places the ad and then tracks the clicks to determine how much to pay you.  AdSense for Search adds a Google search box to a website.  The idea is that visitors to your site can use the search box to do other searches without leaving the site.  The longer someone stays on your site, the better the probability that the potential customer will click on an ad, and thus, create advertising revenue for you.


Advertising on the Internet can be profitable when the Internet marketing campaign is strategically developed.  Through the placement of links, ads, and keywords, it is possible to drive traffic to your website where great content promotes sale closure.  But with programs like Google AdWords and AdSense, you can also earn income from ads placed on your site by Google.  You also always have the option of selling your own ad space.

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